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Best of Egypt Tour 2014



Please find below feedback from the evaluation forms from delegates who attended the 'Best of Egypt Tour' in May 2014.


Over 80% of the people who attended the Best Of Egypt Tour rated their overall experience as EXCELLENT.


"Abu Simbel was excellent! The sheer scale of this structure was mesmerising. Fantastic!"


"I enjoyed the jeep safari. The experience of riding through the desert unconventionally and I had the opportunity to climb a mountain."


"I enjoyed visiting all the temples and the opportunity to go snorkelling"


"I had a chance to see many historical sites and artefacts that was part of my history. I have met many friends that I hope to meet up with again. I have learned a lot about Egyptian History and will continue my personal study to learn more"


"I absolutely loved the Nile cruise - fantastic experience cruising!"


"I enjoyed the people on this tour. We moved as a family and we enjoyed being ourselves. I have visited Egypt before but this time it came alive for me"


"The pyramids were my favourite site. I have always dreamt about going to them and I totally enjoyed being there after years of hoping , my dream came true"




"It was a dream to visit Egypt so I have achieved my goal to see first-hand the work of the Ancient Egyptians. There are many highlights, too many to put in an order of preference as each day my mind was blown away by yet another amazing site. The Great Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the trip to Alexandria and so on was equally amazing. I could write more. I would like to go again and bring my family to witness the greatness of these Ancient people"


"Abu Simbel and Luxor Temple was like walking with giants. Incredible experience. The research I did online did not give the same feeling as witnessing this with your own eyes. Seeing is truly believing. I would recommend this tour to all. It was excellent value"


"My favourite place that I visited was Valley of the Kings. I got very emotional when I visited the tombs. I started crying upon exiting the very first tomb. I was just in complete awe. I found it all very emotional, overwhelming and magnificent. I felt so proud and humbled"


"The Valley of the Kings, entering the tombs and analysing the carvings and artwork- awesome!"


"I enjoyed Abu Simbel Temple despite the early start in the morning. The sites were amazing. This reinforced to me that the Egyptians were extremely intelligent and very creative people. The statues were gigantic"




"An amazing opportunity to see the main sites of Egypt"


"As a first ambassador of this tour, I am very privileged to be part of this group. I have had a wonderful and beautiful holiday, experienced so much and met great people"

"We covered a lot in the 10 days. A memorable tour. I liked the unexpected surprises. When the tour guide took us to the museum and showed us the map of Egypt, I was blown away by how many places we visited on the map with Black History Study Tours"


"The experience surpassed my expectations for commentary, relaxation and a sense of family. This is priceless and a unique selling point for Black History Study Tours. Excellent opportunities for learning and personal growth throughout"


"Fun filled, active and engaging. Just what I expected from this tour"


"I have thoroughly enjoyed this trip and considering doing it all again next year. I loved meeting new people and seeing Egypt in a different way from my first time before 5 years ago. I will be reading up on all the different sites visited to help cement what I have learned"


"The Egypt tour with Black History Study Tours and Timeless Tours has given me an introduction to Egyptian history. Although the itinerary was busy, it was worth it to see the sites that we have seen. I have been amazed and proud at the scale of the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians"


"This experience was made special by the companions from the Black History Study Tours group. I have met many like-minded people with vibrant personalities and caring natures. Also a good spirit and attitude towards a group. "I did not know what to expect so I enjoyed all of the tour"


"For the first Black History Study Tour of Kemet, it was a success! Many different places to visit, expected and unexpected, accommodation in different formats and a general warm energy"


"I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of Egypt. I have always wanted to travel to Egypt to see the history. I had great expectations of the tour but my expectations was exceeded by what I saw. The sites were magnificent. I did not realise how much history Egypt held. Michael our tour guide was exceptional, he made everyone feel welcome, was very professional at all times and answered all of our questions. I felt safe in Egypt despite what the media portrayed."


"The dedication of Michael, he went that extra mile to make sure everyone was happy and contented, explaining everything thoroughly and helping in every way he could"


"The guide made it an experience to remember. His knowledge was second to none and made me feel totally relaxed through the tour. A very good experience" Various forms of transport, historical information and great weather all helped to create an everlasting memory"


"Mark, what can I say is an excellent organiser! He is an excellent promoter and tour guide, big character and knows how to keep spirits high. I had a great experience and a fabulous time with the tour to Egypt."


"It was exciting! All the accommodation that I stayed at were excellent, above what I expected. Accommodation is an important part of a holiday. Transportation was very good too. Given the amount of traveling we had to do, the transportation was spot on. The camel ride was unexpected too. Everything was great. Thank you so much!"


"Well done! I enjoyed my time on the tour as I have always wanted to go to Egypt. I will be recommending this tour and expressing how much places we had seen in a short space of time. All your hard work has paid off so keep up with the excellent work!"



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