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Motivational Talk: When enough is enough - Jump! by TJ Atkinson

Tj Atkinson is an optimist. He believes in a future where every singleperson will take a bold leap into fulfilling their dreams. With a boldand ambitious goal of inspiring people to start a business and breakthe cycle, Tj Atkinson is leading a movement in challenging people totake action, jump and see what happens. Tj runs various propertyrelated businesses, a keen reader and author and an investor in startup businesses.

UK PREMIERE of 'Business in the Black: The Rise of Black Business in Amercia (1800s - 1960)'
by Anthony Brogdon



Business in the Black (2017) is a documentary with three important segments. First, the film asks: How did slaves go to college? Here, the film explores the ways in which African Americans sought higher education, what qualifications were necessary to be accepted to college, and which colleges allowed African Americans to attend school. Second, the film explores the ways in which racists sought to destroy Black business districts across the country. Specifically, the film looks at how African American businesses were impacted by race riots, bombings, and government action. Finally, Business in the Black takes a look at the rise of black business in America. The third segment does the important work of naming Black millionaires in the 1800s, exploring the growth of Black business districts, and discussing African American individuals who became entrepreneurs or fostered the growth of business communities. The film also includes interviews with individuals whose families owned businesses in the early 1900s.




BHS PREMIERE: Back To Natural: A Documentary Film by Gillian Scott-Ward, PhD


Back to Natural: A Documentary Film
is a groundbreaking documentary film that takes a shocking and emotional look at the intersection of hair, politics, and identity in Black communities. This documentary is a powerful, thought provoking, call for healing that takes a grass roots approach to exploring the globalized policing of natural black hair. Filmed in New York City, Philadelphia, Paris and Cape Town, this documentary explores universal aspects of the Black experience and the "New" Natural Hair movement. Join us on this journey of discovery and enlightenment while celebrating our history and natural styles that are taking the world by storm.


Back To Natural: A Documentary Film from gillian scott-ward on Vimeo.